ClimbingCoach is a beautifully designed app that simplifies the complexities of a climbing training plan. Customize it to fits your needs, select your goals, and you’re good to go. It really is that simple.

Benoit – Serbia

“As a self-coached climber, I was reluctant to pay for, and commit to, a professional climbing coach, so when I stumbled across this app I thought I’d give it a go. I’m so glad I did, it totally fills that middle ground between devising your own plans, and paying for a professional coach. I plugged in my details and in seconds had a training plan tailored to my goals and ability. After following the plan for a month, I began to see results. With this encouragement, and the ability to adapt the plan, I have been able to achieve sustainable, continuous improvements over longer periods. Get this app if you’re serious about getting stronger!”

Chris – North Wales

A seriously well put together app, with focused training guidance and personalisation. After a few years of “just climbing”,ive decided I wanted to push my grade and this app has provided the tools. After using this app for a couple of months,I have just come back from a the most successful trip to Fontainbleau yet, managing to push my grade from around 6B (v4) to ticking of my first 7A (V6). With a trip to Kalymnos looming early next year, I have used this app to provide a tailor made winter training plan, I am hoping to tick off my first 7b I have been most impressed with the a adaptability of the exercises. Who needs a professional coach, this app does it all

Sam – UK