Weekly Training Volume and Session Lengths

The amount of training you do each week is up to you, ClimbingCoach will make a recommendation based on your profile but ultimately it’s your decision.

You’ll get the opportunity to control these during setup, and you can also come back to them later

Note that you don’t have to use session grouping, you can expand all of the sessions into a list of exercises, and either create your own custom sessions, or complete them one-by-one

How to Change Your Training Volume and Session Lengths

tap the settings cog in the top right

and select ‘Weekly Volume’

Tap the settings cog in the top right corner of your training plan, and go to ‘Weekly Volume’

Weekly Training Amount is the total time for all exercises each week.

Training Session Length is the time limit for any one session

Sometimes you will get a slightly longer session, this is when there is an exercise that isn’t a good fit for any session and would otherwise be on its own. You can change this in the grouping settings though.

Sometimes you’ll get slightly shorter sessions, this is when those exercises don’t fit well in another session.

Learn more about session grouping