Exercise Grouping – Sessions or List

The ClimbingCoach algorithm generates a list of exercises matched to your climbing training requirements and your personal profile. You can choose how these exercises are organised for you.

How to change your exercise grouping settings

tap the settings cog in the top right
and select ‘Exercise Grouping’

Grouped vs Individual

This depends on whether you want to let ClimbingCoach combine your exercises into sessions for you (grouped) or if you’d prefer to organise your training yourself (individual) – either by completing exercises one-by-one, or creating custom sessions 

The default is Grouped Sessions

Tidy vs Ideal

Proper grouping of exercises is important to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your training time. Some weeks may have one or two exercises that don’t fit into a full-length session very well. You can choose to combine them with another session, which is more convenient (tidy), or leave them as small sessions (ideal), which may be moire effective training.

The default is Tidy Sessions. Note that this setting is not available when you are using Grouped Sessions