Custom Training Sessions

You might want to create a training session with a completely personal choice of exercises, this is where custom sessions come in.

Note that this isn’t the only way to customise sessions, you can also customise an existing session

How to create a custom session

At the end of the list of sessions in the current week, you’ll see the Custom Session option, tap this.

Customer sessions allow you to choose any exercises 

Get to know the layout

Creating a session is easy, just tap to add any exercises from the list.

When you’re happy with the session, tap Create

Extra exercises

You might want to add additional exercises that aren’t already in your training plan.

Scroll to the end of the list of available exercises and tap Add Something Else

Browse the categories and add whatever you want.

Do it!

Your custom session will appear in your training plan, everything from this point is the same as for a regular training session.