Explore Your Training Plan

explore the plan (1 min)

ClimbingCoach lays out your current climbing training plan week-by-week, the coloured bars show the training performance area proportions for the week.

Within each week you’ll find the training sessions, tap one to get started.

Week-by-Week Layout

Week 1 runs from the day you get your training plan to the end of that week, after that it’s organised into calendar weeks.

The donut shows how much of the weeks training you’ve completed so far.

Some weeks will have less training than others, typically this is due to one of the following:

  • Week 1 is less than 7 days long
  • There is an event coming up in your climbing calendar and you’re getting some rest for it
  • You are on a min-cycle reduced-intensity week
  • You are tapering at the end of the plan

Focussed Training Sessions

Tap a week to see what you’ll be doing. ClimbingCoach combines exercises into sessions which are as long as you want. 

Tap a session to get started

Note that you can also create custom sessions

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