Complete a Training Session

see how to complete a session (1:30)

What’s in a Session?

Each session contains a set of exercises in an order that will give you the most effective training.

Tap Start Session Coach to begin the session. You’ll be assisted by timers and instructions for the whole session.

Tap an exercise to find out more about it

Tap show steps to see the session in more detail

Session Coach

ClimbingCoach is with you every step of the way – each session can be completed step-by-step, with automatic timers and instructions throughout.

Here’s what the Session Coach looks like 

Self Assessment

It’s important that the exercise difficulty is right for you, and appropriate for the exercise. Whenever you do an exercise for the first time, you’ll get the opportunity to set this difficulty.

It’s ok to guess, you can change it any time during the session.

Each exercise has a target effort level, you’ll adjust the difficulty so that your effort feels the same.

Find out more about managing difficulty

Complete a Session Without the Session Coach

If you’d prefer, you can complete the session in your own way, and mark it as complete.

You’ll still be able to log your performance for the session, and track it in your performance statistics