Get the right plan for your profile

ClimbingCoach gets to know you first, and creates exactly the right training plan for you

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create your climbing profile

Comprehensive training sessions…

Your training plan is laid out week by week

Exercises are collected automatically into sessions

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 …step by step

Sessions are completed using the Session Coach, or can just be ticked off

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training plan and Session Coach

Keep track of your progress

Your improvement across the five key performance areas is fully charted

View a composite of overall gain, as well as your performance journey for each individual exercise

Identify weakness, train it to strength

See your average performance in each area compared with other climbers at your level. ClimbingCoach focusses on your weakness to help you improve fast

improvement and comparisons


ClimbingCoach gives you a full training cycle, you’ll always know what to do and when

…yet flexible

Life gets in the way sometimes, don’t worry, ClimbingCoach has plenty of options to match your training to your life

modify your training sessions

Create your own extra sessions

Take it to the next level, design your own session using exercises for the week, or by adding new ones

create a whole new training session

You’re in control

If anything changes, ClimbingCoach will adapt your plan in seconds

stay in control

ClimbingCoach is a beautifully designed app that simplifies the complexities of a climbing training plan. Customize it to fits your needs, select your goals, and you’re good to go. It really is that simple.

Benoit – Serbia

“As a self-coached climber, I was reluctant to pay for, and commit to, a professional climbing coach, so when I stumbled across this app I thought I’d give it a go. I’m so glad I did, it totally fills that middle ground between devising your own plans, and paying for a professional coach. I plugged in my details and in seconds had a training plan tailored to my goals and ability. After following the plan for a month, I began to see results. With this encouragement, and the ability to adapt the plan, I have been able to achieve sustainable, continuous improvements over longer periods. Get this app if you’re serious about getting stronger!”

Chris – North Wales